Sign up to drive for uber in minnesotaWhy should you sign up to drive for Uber Minneapolis – St Paul?

Because not only will a job with Uber Minneapolis provide you with extra income but it will also hand you up to $750 extra if you sign up the right way. How? Easy. Click Here For Extra Cash When You Sign Up To Become a Minneapolis Uber Driver.

Uber Minneapolis – St Paul has been proudly serving the greater Minneapolis area and therefore are experts in navigating the Minneapolis area. Whether you, your friend, or someone in your family is looking for extra cash, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Uber Minneapolis will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your service from our team.

Cities within this metro area:

Twin Cities, Bloomington, St Paul, Minnetonka, Coon Rapids, Waconia, Albertville, St. Cloud + more

Minneapolis’s Best Uber Drivers & Staff

Because all of our staff is expertly trained they will surpass your expectations. As a result, our team is passionate about making sure our drivers are taken care of. Whether you’re looking for a full time driving job, part time, or maybe just a couple hours every other week the highly-skilled staff here at Uber Minneapolis are ready to help!

Service In Minneapolis & Surrounding Areas

Our professional Uber team services all of the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul area. We offer office hours so we can better assist you. Because of our office hours we are able to help you answer any questions and get you up and driving! Call the Uber driver professionals at Uber Minneapolis – St Paul today to learn more about our special offers when you sign up to drive for Uber in and around Minneapolis, MN. We offer competitive pricing on all our rideshares. Again, all of our Uber staff is expertly trained and dedicated to ensuring your driving experience turns out better than you expect.

Types Of Uber:

While everyone else shows up in your basic vehicle, you can show up in style!

Base Fare: $7
Per Minute: $0.35
Per Mile: $3.25
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fees: $0
Minimum Fare: $14

Rather than getting multiple Ubers you can squeeze 6 into 1 luxury SUV.

Base Fare: $14
Per Minute: $0.35
Per Mile: $3.80
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fees: $0
Minimum Fare: $20

Rather than getting multiple Ubers you can squeeze 6 into 1 car.

Base Fare: $1
Per Minute: $0.30
Per Mile: $2
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fees: $1.90
Minimum Fare: $7.90

While everyone else shows up in your basic vehicle, you can show up in style!

Base Fare: $2
Per Minute: $0.25
Per Mile: $2.60
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fees: $1.90
Minimum Fare: $11.35

LOW-COST UBER (seats 4)
Since spending more money on a more luxury vehicle isn’t everyones forte, choose the low cost option. It still has to pass Uber car requirements.

Base Fare: $0.45
Per Minute: $0.15
Per Mile: $1
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fees: $1.90
Minimum Fare: $6.40

Riders receive discounted rates on their Uber ride because you will share your ride with other passengers.

**These are estimated rates for Uber in Minneapolis, MN because Minneapolis Uber Rates do vary**

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Uber Minneapolis, MN Map

What are you waiting for? Check out our page on how to get started as a Minneapolis Uber Driver or Rider.

As much as we want to continue throwing free money at our drivers and riders these offers do change over time. So rather than wait another minute it seems like you should sign up to be an Uber twin cities driver now.

What Our Clients Are Saying

i was planning on signing up to drive for Uber any ways but saw you can get even more money so i signed up with the special code and got an extra $400. we were behind on bills so this saved my butt. my wife was vry happy. it was pretty easy to figure out but i did need some help but their office ppl really helped me out. one of my friends rents a car through them and does nt have to pay for anything. we do this as a part time thing but a lot of the guys at the airport do it full time. it is like a community. i tried lyft but it was not so great. i had issues with their application software. so now i do uber only.


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